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At Perdomo Law, we pride ourselves on providing sound legal representation. Our NYC Business Lawyers focus on all aspects of Corporate Law, Commercial Litigation, Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property Law. We also provide services and support in Spanish speaking cases as well as legal proceedings in the Dominican Republic.

Francelina Perdomo, Managing Partner

Fran Perdomo advises U.S. and international clients in the areas of commercial litigation, corporate, entertainment and intellectual property law, with particular emphasis in representing established and developing businesses involved in music publishing, recording, new media, management, franchise, fashion, film development and production, as well as advising individual recording artists, athletes, designers, chefs, models and other high level industry professionals in expanding and managing their business affairs.   -more.

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Believe it or not, but it happens quite frequently where individuals, and individuals representing companies, do not get all that is entitled to them because of improper legal assumptions or fail to fully investigate their legal rights. You have accountants to ensure your money is properly recorded, you may use consultants or other niche experts to help you go your business, why would you want to absorb the responsibility of legal representation on your own?

Let the NYC business lawyers at Perdomo Law tell you if you have a case! Doing so allows you to make the best, informed decision for both you, and the company you represent. Contact us today for a legal consultation.
Perdomo Law can help grow, protect, and defend all aspects of your business with experienced and knowledgeable legal representation in all facets of business law. From a singer who wants to protect an original work to a multinational corporation seeking antitrust trade litigation, Perdomo Law is your current and long-term solution for business legal representation:
  • Commercial Litigation - Commercial litigation is defined as legal disputes between commercial companies or businesses. Most often, these disputes are disagreements related to finances or property ownership. Commercial litigation cases focus on the disputes regarding contracts, mergers between corporations, and can include real estate laws. Examples of commercial litigation include, but are not limited to, Copyright Infringements, Franchise Litigation, Antitrust and Trade Litigation, Business Contract Disputes, Breach of Contract, Cases involving the Uniform Commercial Code, and more.
  • Intellectual Property - is defined as the creation of intellect in which a monopoly is appointed to its designated owners by law. Examples include, but are not limited to Copyrights, Trademarks, Service Marks, Classes, Trade Dress, Logos, Counterfeit Goods, Piracy, Inventions, Submission Release, Original Written Works, Photographs, Software, Music, Licensing Art, Trade Secrets, Fashion Branding, and Art and Design.
  • Entertainment Law - Perdomo Law handles any legal services related to the entertainment industry. Example include, but are not limited to Film and Movie Law, Talent Contracts, On Location Contracts, Film Crew Contracts, Director Contracts, Production Company Contracts, Producer Contracts, Writer Agreements, Actor Deal Memo, AFTRA Contracts, The American Film Market, Standardized Pay to Work on Scale, Literary Rights, Author Agent Contracts, Book Publishing Contracts, Author's Lecture Contract Literary Sales Representative Contract, Music Law, Recording Industry Contracts, Legal Representation, Royalties, 360 Contract, Management Agreements, License Audio Rights, Single Song Agreements, Exclusive Song Agreements, Co-Publishing Agreements, Collection Agreements, Administration Agreements, and Purchase Agreements.
  • Corporate Law - Legal representation related to commercial law include, but are not limited to eCommerce Contracts, Sole Proprietorship and LLC, Franchise Law, S Corporations, C Corporations, Partnership Agreements , Shareholder Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Option Purchase, Corporate Bylaws, Corporate Resolutions, Non Profit Organizations, and more.
  • Business Law - Includes more routine legal services for the day-to-day operation of any type of business including, but not limited to Commercial Leases, Sale of Goods, Negotiation Checklists, Franchise Agreements, Employment Agreements, Service Agreements, Non Competition Agreements, Non Disclosure Agreements, International Contracts, Cross Border Transactions, Work for Hire, Liquor Licenses, Restaurant Licenses, New Media Law, Online Marketing Agreements, Website Optimization Agreements, Proposals, Content Acquisition, Content Provider Agreements, User Agreements, Electronic Rights, and Social Media.
Please contact us for any business legal services, or interests ,you may have that are specifically listed here. 
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At Perdomo Law, we are committed to building long-term relationships. Our extensive list of legal services is designed to meet your individual needs, as well as the business interests you represent. We are confident, well prepared, experienced, and strict attention to our clients' details is our highest priority. 

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