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The director of a film is a person who can visualize what the script should look like and then execute that vision. They supervise and instruct the cast and film crew to ensure that they are performing and providing the assistance needed to make the film turn out the best. When a director is hired for a production, they are hired as either an independent contractor or as a temporary employee of the production company. It is imperative that every director hires a director contract lawyer to draft a contract between them and the production company.

Lawyers focusing on director contracts ensure that the director is treated fair and that their duties and expectations are clearly laid out. They also work to protect the production company to ensure the production is completed on time and the way it was intended.
What Are Director Contracts?

Director contracts outline every aspect of the specific director job. This contract takes every aspect of the immediate production and puts the conditions into a legal document. This document will add in the duties expected, time frame and compensation for the director. It will also protect the production company in that there will be a deadline for when the production should be wrapped up

The first thing the director contract will detail is the duties of the director. These typically include the artistic nature of the film, supervising the talent and the film crew, and ensuring the set is up to the standards of the film. This element of the contract has two advantages. The obvious advantage is that the director knows exactly what is expected of them and the other advantage is that the production company knows that if the director does not produce the quality work outlined, they have the option to find another director to fill the position.

Monetary compensation is one of the most important aspects that the director contract lawyer deals with. This outlines what exactly the director is entitled to and when. It will set out when the director is paid, if there are any instances where there will be a bonus or a cut in pay.

Deadlines are extremely important in the entertainment industry and the director contract is there to ensure that the deadlines are met. These deadlines are often set because of various elements from the use of the set to the release date of the film. When the deadline is not met, there are stipulations set forth in the contract that handle the consequences. Typically, when the deadline is met, the director will receive a bonus; if the film goes on too long, then it can result in a cut in their pay.
Who Should Have a Director Contract from NYC Director Contract Law Firm, Perdomo Law, Conveniently Located in Manhattan New York, NY 10006
Who Should Have a Director Contract?

Francelina Perdomo, our Managing Partner, explains the director contract works both ways. It is beneficial to both the director and to the production company. Not only does it offer specific details laying out pay and responsibilities, it lays out consequences if the responsibilities are not met. 

Each party should have their own lawyers focusing in director contracts to ensure fairness. Both attorneys will attempt to negotiate on behalf of their clients so when both parties have their own attorney representation, they are more likely to get a fair deal in the contract.
Who Can Negotiate the Directors Contract?

Only a qualified attorney should attempt to negotiate a director's contract. These attorneys are well educated and experienced in the entertainment industry; they know the ins and outs and they know what is expected from both sides. While a contractual attorney is capable of handling legal documents, it is a good idea to ensure the attorney has additional experience in the entertainment industry as well.
Contact NYC Director Contract Attorney Fran Perdomo for a Legal Consultation

Contact NYC Director Contract Attorney Fran Perdomo for a Legal Consultation

When most people get a new job, they sign paperwork that outlines various duties and what is given for compensation for those duties. When directors in the entertainment industry are hired for a new job, they are also signing documents stating what is expected of them. 

What is different is that the duties need to be specific, if just one duty is left out, or the pay is not perfect, then the entire project can be put into jeopardy. It is imperative that a qualified director contract lawyer negotiates and drafts the contract to ensure fairness for everyone involved.

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