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New Media Lawyer NYC Fran Perdomo - Perdomo Law
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The rise of online media has necessitated an entirely new field of legal representation, knowledgeable and experienced in defining intellectual property rights and other legal entitlements for online content. It can be a contentious debate, but the increasing scrutiny has led to better deals for the people who are pioneering this new media and social media landscape.
  • Online Marketing Contract Experts - A promise that wasn't fulfilled. A verbal agreement that wasn't written down. We hear of these kinds of situations a lot.
  • SEO Optimization Specialists - Before you sign, let us review what you are agreeing to, and what their responsibility is to you.
  • Our New Media law firm knows all the fine print! Perdomo Law knows the online marketing community, their terminology, and their promises.
The best way to engage with new media is to have accurate legal counsel from Perdomo  Law so they ensure the protection of your rights. There are several ways to do this, and several issues to watch out for. Please contact us for a legal consultation.
Online Marketing Contracts from NYC New Media Law Firm, Perdomo Law, Conveniently Located in Manhattan New York, NY 10006
Online Marketing Contracts

One of the leading ways to generate revenue online is through marketing and advertising on websites (and having outside websites advertise on yours as well). Companies who are looking to distribute advertisements to others, or put outside ads on their own website, typically enter into a legally binding agreement that dictates where the ads may appear, the frequency of their appearance, the rates paid for these appearances, and any payment terms as well as termination clauses.

Legal representation is a virtual necessity to protect intellectual property rights, as well as to defend against invasive and demanding advertisers who want more access to a website's advertising hotspots than they're willing to pay for.
  • Website Optimization Agreements - SEO, or website optimization, is typically done by an outside professional with excellent knowledge of how to increase a website's rank in an online search. Like all online professionals, they expect payment and will therefore enter into a contract with a website owner that details each of their responsibilities as well as the rate they're charging for their services. We will have them spell out terms that dictate how payment should be made and when it should be received. These contracts are fairly basic and straightforward, but a quick review by your attorney will add peace of mind that it's fair and enforceable.
  • Proposals - Proposals for online media can range from design proposals to content proposals and everything in between. It's essentially a negotiation between a website owner and those contributing to the website's success. For that reason, you'll want Perdomo Law on your side who can help you get the best terms not only for yourself, but for the continued success of the online media source that you're managing.
  • Content Acquisition - For websites that aggregate third-party content, a content acquisition agreement is almost inevitable for each individual source that lends its content to an outside website. These agreements will dictate a minimum number of articles to be used each period, as well as a maximum, and will go on to dictate royalty and other fees. They'll lay out payment processes and deadlines, and explain exactly how their content can be used by third parties. These contracts can be long and extensive with many clauses and instances of fine print. Perdomo Law NYC New Media Lawyers will help you understand what you can and cannot do with the content you pay for, as well as how to safeguard yourself against the tough terms of usage spelled out in each clause.
  • Content Provider Agreements - If you run a website with multiple contributors, it's a good idea to enter into a content provider agreement with each of them. These agreements dictate who owns the right to any content which is submitted by a third party, independent contributor. That means you define the copyrights and the licenses as well as the terms of payment, if there are any. You'll want a lawyer on your side to make sure that the document is legally sound and enforceable, as well as in line with typical content provider agreements offered by similar or competing online media sources.
  • User Agreements - If your site has interactive features, such as comments or discussion boards, you will certainly require a user agreement. These agreements essentially inform you users of their rights as members of your online community. It explains to them the nature of their public comments, what they can and cannot say when using your website, and what their privacy rights are as users of your website. It explains any punishments or legal consequences for using the site counter to the agreement and is typically entered into before they can complete their registration. An NYC New Media Lawyer will help you make sure that the terms of your agreement are not infringing upon users' rights, but instead helping to ensure the success and legal obedience of your online enterprise itself.
  • Electronic Rights - Your content has value, whether it's produced in print or via an online source. The value is determined by your electronic rights, where you dictate your rates, payment, and any other terms of using and reprinting your original works. This is an area where many content producers have struggled, as their electronic rights have been sometimes violated, and at other times devalued to the point of no longer being profitable. 
Contact NYC New Media Attorney Fran Perdomo for a Legal Consultation

Contact NYC New Media Attorney Fran Perdomo for a Legal Consultation

Perdomo Klukosy and Associates will help you protect the integrity of your work and the rate of pay you expect for publishing, sharing, and licensing it. This is absolutely essential in a marketplace that undervalues online content significantly.

Please contact us for a legal consultation. 
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