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AFTRA is a union for workers in the entertainment field. The name "AFTRA" is an acronym that stands for the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. When artists have an offer for work in their field, a contract can be negotiated and drawn up by a lawyer for the employee in order to get the best terms for the union worker covered under AFTRA.
What Are AFTRA Contracts?

An AFTRA contract requires knowledge of certain fields of Entertainment Law, as television, radio artists and those who do commercial work are a varied lot and include a variety of contract law, negotiations, and other intricacies. AFTRA was created in 1952 and is now part of the labor union SAG-AFTRA, with SAG standing for the Screen Actors Guild, which was originally formed in 1933.

An AFTRA Contract for a Background Actor, for example, should include the minimum daily rate scales to be paid to the person under contract. In addition to minimum pay rates, there are other additional payments that can be included in the contract, such as:
  • Hazardous Work
  • Working in Bad Weather
  • Body Makeup Requirements
  • Rehearsal Time
  • Costume Fittings
If the Background Actor is required to supply his or her own personal props, an allowance should be included in the contract for those props that can include anything from pets to vehicles. Each prop and its related allowance needs to be spelled out.

A law firm for AFTRA Contracts ensures that the artist is protected on all fronts for his or her time, property and other fees which could be overlooked without the aid of a qualified attorney. 
Those Who Needs Help with AFTRA Contracts from NYC AFTRA Contract Law Firm Firm, Perdomo Law, Conveniently Located in Manhattan New York, NY 10006
Who Needs Help with AFTRA Contracts?

Basically, anyone who is a member of AFTRA or is taking on their first job in the entertainment industry needs the aid of an AFTRA Contract Lawyer. It is easy for actors and other artistic workers to be taken advantage of in the field of entertainment and media, so engaging a law firm for AFTRA Contracts is helpful to anyone who is serious about entering this career field. 

There are television acting deals such as "Test Options" for pilot TV shows that need to be looked over by an attorney so the contract is structured correctly in case the pilot becomes a regular series. Terms, credit, and other negotiable provisions need to be examined. 
Is an Attorney for AFTRA Contracts Really Necessary?

The short answer here is yes. With today's quick-changing technological advances, media is always changing, as are media agreements, such as contracts in the entertainment industry. You will also want to be assured that you are getting paid what you deserve for your work and your talent. An AFTRA contract can cover anything from an agreement that is many pages long to cover work in a mega feature film to a small Internet production. If an actor or announcer is being used, even in a non-union position, a contract would be the best protection you can get in order to not be taken advantage of in any way.

One example of an AFTRA contract is an Under-Five Contract. This type of contract can be negotiated and drawn up by an AFTRA Contract Lawyer. It is called Under-Five because the actor in the television show or film has less than five lines of dialogue to speak. This can be an important contract for a beginning actor because it may very well lead to more roles that are larger and contain more lines, requiring more intricate contracts. So although just a few words will be spoken on screen, this actor should have an appropriate contract drawn up to protect his or her pay scale and other perks you may be due but weren't aware of.

Which Type of Contract Do You Need?

There are different specialized varieties of contracts in the entertainment field, especially in AFTRA or SAG. There is the AFTRA Interactive Contract for Internet-based work, such as web episodes or podcasts. There are AFTRA Commercials contracts for advertising work. In fact, whatever type of work you are currently getting involved with may require you to wear a number of different hats, from actor to voice-overs to producer. As an actor, you may need a Performance Contract, and so on.
  • An AFTRA contract in the field of Television is recommended for actors, background actors, singers, stunt actors, dancers, and those involved with music videos.
  • In the area of Commercials, actors, stunt performers, singers and dancers should all retain an attorney for a contract negotiation.

A residual is a fee paid to the performer or the creator of a performance when it is reenacted or shown more than once. This is largely known in television as reruns or shows that have gone into syndication. It is also true of films that are re-shown on television after being in first-run theaters. When it comes to acting in television or on the radio, residual payments are important concepts to have included in your contract, as these paid performances are shown or heard by audiences over and over again. An actor or other entertainer should be covered legally in the form of fees paid for residuals.
Contact NYC AFTRA Contract Attorney Fran Perdomo for a Legal Consultation

Contact NYC AFTRA Contract Attorney Fran Perdomo for a Legal Consultation

When you choose the NYC business law firm of Perdomo Law for help with Entertainment Law and AFTRA contracts, you are picking one of the most experienced and knowledgeable law firms in the area.

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