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We are very proud of the quality of the legal services we offer our clients, in the United States, The Dominican Republic, and other Latin American countries.
  • Expect us to be well prepared, and confident to represent you. Our knowledge of the law is your asset.
  • At Perdomo Law, we pride ourselves on our long relationships based on our personalized service.
  • Our attention to detail is one of the things that keeps clients coming back to Perdomo Law.
Below, is a list of some of our areas of practice, but we are not limited by just these topics. Please contact us if we can be of any help to you.

Even in today’s economy, one of the largest sectors of growth is that of small business creation. Although all one needs is the start-up capital, an idea, and motivation for success, knowing how to navigate the legal aspects of starting a small business is among the most paramount to the business’s chances at success.

By utilizing Perdomo Law, clients can rest assured they will have their small business’s legal needs met in every way. From ensuring all legal paperwork is completed and submitted, to having the necessary legal counsel to review any needed contracts, and to the leasing of all proper equipment, Perdomo Law have small businesses covered.

Succeeding in business today means making sure the business is running smoothly and within every aspect of the law. Staying on top of the changes to corporate law is a full-time job in itself. Businesses looking to maintain this focus while ensuring their business affairs continue moving forward on a daily basis need to incorporate Perdomo Law as part of their strategic business plan.

Determining the type of business a client has, as well as that business’s impacts on profits and liabilities, providing corporate representation as needed, as well as day-to-day legal advice are among the many services Perdomo Law offer their clients.
NYC Dominican Republic Law Firm Perdomo Law Conveniently Located in Manhattan New York, NY 10006
Trademarks and Copyrights

When building a new business or releasing a new product into the market, it is vital that clients seek necessary trademark or copyright protection. Perdomo, Law works together with its clients in accomplishing this task and also monitor client’s intellectual property rights once protection has been accomplished.

To protect the business’s image, including brands and logos, Perdomo Law will work to trademark every aspect of their client’s business. The firm also assist clients in advising as to whether copyright registration is necessary and work closely with clients in need for clarification as to the advantages of registration when it comes to fighting potential copyright and trademark infringement claims. 

With the world taking to social networks and online media in droves to market their business, it is important this approach be done in a manner that also protects not only the business itself, but its ideas and products as well. Collaborating with Perdomo Law when venturing into the world of online marketing will ensure contracts and agreements met online are legally secure.

In addition, when marketing products and services from a Search Engine Optimization standpoint, they will make sure their client’s message is being effectively communicated. Most importantly, as this is still a relatively new market, the legal team at Perdomo Law are very familiar with the fine print, and will be able to assist their clients in navigating the course to success through this new media.

Millions of books are released annually, and maintaining literary rights can be one of the most confusing or difficult challenges out there for a new author. Although among the most challenging, it is imperative this is done in effort to ensure the author maintains credit for their intellectual property. By retaining Perdomo Law, authors can rest assured their literary right will be maintained as they progress through each writing product.

In addition, should one have an industry-specific idea, Perdomo Law will work to maintain their confidentiality, thus protecting from former employers poaching said ideas. The attorneys at Perdomo  Law will also work to identify what is or is not intellectual property, and then help one protect it moving forward.

As companies work to maintain the utmost in ethical and legal standards throughout their industry, in some unfortunate cases, there are times when litigation is needed for dispute resolution. During these times, companies employing Perdomo  Law possess the peace of mind they need, knowing these when these unfortunate circumstances arise, they have the proper legal representation needed to successfully wade through them.

Offering services such as contract disputes, instances where previously agreed upon contracts are breached, or issues involving Uniform Law Commission, Perdomo  Law are there as needed. Commercial litigation is one of the more difficult areas for businesses to navigate, but relying on the legal team at Perdomo  Law, make that task much more achievable with much less strain on the business.

Immigration and immigration law may be one of the most talked about, thought about subjects on the minds of business today. Especially within the sports and entertainment industries where the talent comes to the United States from around the globe, it is very important for employers to be aware of the laws of the regions of the world in which they operate.

Working with Perdomo  Law will ensure the proper visas and paperwork are maintained and executed to ensure talent from outside the United States can work legally within the country. Perdomo  Law will be able to help businesses ensure they are operating within the laws at hand.

For the better part of the past decade, the world has been entertained by movies and the stories they tell. Because films are shot around the globe, and laws vary from location to location, it is important for those operating within the entertainment industry to have the legal representation they need to ensure they are working within the bounds of the law.

This is where Perdomo  Law comes into play. Ensuring talent contracts are in line for all talent, including actors, directors and producers, Francelina Perdomo, our Managing Partner, and the the legal team at Perdomo  Law provide legal representation for all parties involved. In addition, those parties working behind the scenes may also relay on the industry knowledge and experience offered by Perdomo  Law.

Much like any other aspect of the entertainment industry, superior legal representation is required for those finding careers in the music industry as well. This industry can be confusing given there are seven types of publishing agreements for music alone. Having lawyers on one’s team such as Perdomo  Law makes navigating which music publishing agreement is required for each individual much less of a stressful process.

In addition, Perdomo  Law also works any anyone working within the industry, whether they are a performer, or a behind the scenes talent such as composers or songwriters. Finally, the music contract can be one of the most difficult to understand, but with the attorneys at Perdomo and Klukosky on hand, that need not be the case.

Ensuring both agents and authors can effectively work together to make sure the best agreement is reached when sorting through a contract is one of the main areas of legal services offered by Perdomo  Law. In addition to making sure both authors and agents are fully represented, the attorneys at Perdomo  Law also ensure each is able to wade through the murky book publishing contracts, thoroughly reviewing these contracts before agreeing to them.

Along with book deals and photo opportunities, many authors are also invited to speak on lecture tours. Perdomo  Law will review all lecture contracts prior to agreement to ensure the author is getting the best deal possible.

Ask any financial adviser what are the basic things people need to have in place for their financial future, and they will be told having wills, trusts and estates planned out are among the top items. Having these documents in place will protect one’s assets to ensure they are passed on those the deceased has designated to receive them. 
Contact NYC Dominican Republic Attorney Fran Perdomo for a Legal Consultation

Contact NYC Dominican Republic Attorney Fran Perdomo for a Legal Consultation

Perdomo  Law will work closely with their clients to ensure these documents are set up appropriately.

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